The Alumni Association of the college with the Principal as its patron, functions to forge a strong bond between the college and its old students. The administrative body of the association comprises the president i.e. the senior most alumni from the college faculty, the secretary and the treasurer. Other members of the faculty, who are also old students of the college, are its active members. The administrative body holds meetings from time to time, evolves policies regarding the working of the association. They are also encouraged to make valuable contribution to the association by interacting with the students and the new pass outs. They are also sensitized to the needs of the institution and are made aware of their responsibility towards their alma-mater. The distinguished alumni from our college who have excelled in various walks of life are invited to inspire the young students of the college. At present, the association has more than 1000 members. In this respect, the association holds a meeting in the beginning of every session and important decisions regarding the proposed action plan are taken. Thus the resources generated by the association are put to optimum use.

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