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Institutional Distinctivenes

With an objective towards developing sensitive, responsible and progressive citizens, the institution contributes meaningfully towards nation building as follows:

i) A vast majority of the College students belong to nearby rural areas. The basic need of the students from these areas is higher education at affordable cost. The College fee structure, in comparison to other private institutions of higher learning in and around is very low.

ii) We ensure equity in higher education by providing adequate opportunities to the underprivileged sections of society by strict adherence to the reservation policies of the State Government.

iii) Nurture a feeling of social responsibility through various awareness programs organized by different clubs set up by the institution.

iv) Effort is made to preserve the cultural heritage and tradition through various cultural/co curricular activities.

v) The college boasts of a vibrant sports culture by offering various facilities as 400 m track, hockey ground, cricket ground, basket ball court, hand ball court, volley ball court, and gym, etc. thus enabling our students to participate and excel in various national and international tournaments.

vi) We go all-out to create a conductive learning environment where teachers are facilitators and students the prime beneficiaries.

vii) We help to infuse critical acumen among our students through guest lectures, seminars and field visits.

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Institutional Distinctivenes